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How do I know if a discount has been given?

All promotional rates displayed are already discounted. Information regarding specific hotel promotions are also displayed on the booking form.
Some hotels offer promotions as benefits when you stay, so please check "Benefits" on hotel page.

Or you can click 'Special Deals' on tab menu.

Do you offer special discounts for senior citizens, airline employees or Government officials?

No further discounts are available unless noted on the hotel page. 

Where can I find Hotels-in-Vietnam.com promotions?

You can see our list of special offer promotions at http://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/hotels/promotion.html

Or choose a Speical Deal at http://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/hotdeal.html

l want to stay longer than 30 days/nights, have you got any promotions?

Yes. Please contact with TUN Travel Customer Service before booking to check.

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